Sfiti's New Products


Fantini Acquadolce, multi-functional showers

The shower is a household fitting that must offer a great comfort and pleasure to its user. The contact with water should be a joyful experience, a sort of return to a natural condition”.
These are Franco Sargiani’s words. Acquadolce by Sargiani is a collection of multi-functional showers that offer the highest multi-sensory and space comfort.


Axor Starck Organic

The bathroom collection from renowned designer Philippe Starck combines unique design with a highly sensual water experience, with low consumption. Axor Starck Organic also guarantees responsible use of the vital element of water. This is borne out by a revolutionary control concept and numerous functional and ecological qualities. The collection therefore appeals to both heart and intellect in equal measure and also blends in with a variety of style worlds.


Partners Sfiti always one step ahead

Cloud, the shower head of FIMA Carlo Frattini, signed by Meneghello Paolelli Associates, received the Design Plus Award in 2015, the prestigious award of the German Design Council established in 1983, awarded annually by ISH. A jury of experts awarded the prize to products that combine attractive design, innovative materials and sustainable production.

Made of stainless steel, Cloud is extremely functional and easy to install without any support wall or recessed parts, representing a perfect solution of adapting into existing bathrooms. Not only that, the valuable antibacterial properties, the high gloss and resistance to limescale over time are other important pluses.

ACQUA R 5000

Acqua R 5000

Sliding doors for large spaces, with individually configured shapes, designed to ensure well-being and relaxation. Harmonious and clear shapes, accurate in detail and with many possibilities.


Squaro Edge 12

Aesthetic perfection

Discover Squaro in a new dimension! Squaro Edge 12 enchants like no other collection with its clean lines and a modern design confident of its style. Its main feature is the thin edge of just 12 mm. In Squaro Edge 12 incomparable comfort and aesthetic expression merge to satisfy even the most demanding.


In Squaro Edge 12 the best extraordinary properties of the material produced exclusively by Villeroy & Boch stand out: Quaryl ®. An extremely thin edge gives the bathtub an unparalleled lightness.
The interior of the bathtub is shaped by curvy and harmonious aesthetic lines that emphasize the superiority of Quaryl ® by Villeroy & Boch. To ensure that every touch becomes an unforgettable experience.


Product of the year 2012

As is known, the consumption of energy to heat domestic hot water is very high. In some cases of collective use (hotels, health clubs, sports centres etc.).the heat used to heat up domestic hot water is higher than that consumed on heating.

To recover much of this energy   that is dispersed into the environment through wastewater discharges represents an important saving , both for the economy of the individual user and on a large scale, for the entire community. In addition any attempt to reduce energy wastage is also a gesture of more respect towards  the environment where we live.

Recent regulations and RES European directives on the imperativeness of increasing the relative share of renewable energy will increasingly require adopting technologies that are in fact based  on the use of natural energy (thermal, solar, etc ...) and heat recovery.



Slimtech is the solution that completes the surface designs of Lea Ceramiche offering sheets of record size (300 cm x 100 cm) combined with extraordinary lightness thanks to the thickness of only 3 mm.

It 's the result of a lamination technology and compaction of the porcelain tile that revolutionizes the traditional production process and the result is a completely new product, durable, lightweight, flexible, adaptable and versatile. Slimtech fully meets the requirements of today's modern design for both the interior and the large exterior surfaces of modern buildings.
It's easy to install and fixes, better than any other material, the problems of renovation by offering excellent aesthetic results combined with a low total cost.


Element for Geberit shower with wall outlet

This provides a particularly elegant solution for floor-level showers, making the installation easier and safer without the need to interrupt the flooring in the shower. This results in less effort coordinating the various craftsmen involved in the implementation.

Covers to suit all tastes

The covers are available in four different finishes: polished chrome, brushed stainless steel, white and covered with tiles. The cover can be removed manually, allowing you to easily remove the filter of the siphon for cleaning.

High flow discharge, safety tested

The Geberit siphon in the shower module with wall outlet enables excellent results with its high discharge capacity. The modules for Geberit showers, tested with the system running and various structural situations, guarantee complete security in fire protection and in soundproofing. The installer or sanitary technician will provide the relevant certificates.